Monday, January 18, 2010

A New Start

So the last attempt at this whole blogging thing didn't fair to well. To be honest, it pretty much failed miserably. But it is a new year, and with each new year we set new year's resolutions. So here it goes (again).
Over Christmas Break, my brother Aaron harassed me for not keeping up with my blog, so I have determined to be better this semester. Aaron also told me that I need to find a niche to write about. After mulling it over for the past few weeks I think I've found that niche. One of my favorite things about traveling is the diversity of people you meet. They all have unique stories and backgrounds that I just find fascinating. So this next semester, most posts will be spotlights on these ordinary people with extraordinary stories.

Stay posted!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Beginning

All Adventures must start with a beginning so this is mine. Since the age of three I have dreamed--longed--to go to London. I blame my obsession on my wonderful father who infected me with a love of Peter Pan from a young age. Since then novels, legends, and fairy tales from Jane Austen to King Arthur have only continued to strengthen London's (and England's in general) spell over me. Well, after years of dreaming, a seven and half hour flight, and a maze known as the London Underground, I am officially in London, England!
First of all, I would like to state that British Airways is absolutely amazing! I had over 25 movies to choose to watch; plus, I could also make my own personal playlist from their music selection or tune into one of their music stations. To top it off, I even got a new pair of socks (like Dumblore says, one can always use a good pair of socks).
Me being me, I obviously had to have at least one klutzy moment. While getting on the plane, I gave the flight attendant my ticket so she could point me to my seat. My Ticket happened to be tucked away between the pages of my passport. As I pulled my passport out of my purse, I fumbled while attempting to retrieve my ticket and zipper my purse. In the process I dropped my passport right where the gate met the plane--right where there happens to be a gap just wide enough for a passport to possible slip through to the ground below the plane. I truly thought I had just lost my passport. Luckily, my passport landed right before the gap and then bounced safely into the plane. However, I think my heart most likely stopped for that second as the passport dropped.
Once I got to London, several friendly Brits helped me navigate my way through the 'tubes' to the Notting Hill Gate stop. From there I walked the block or two to me new home on Place Court-BYU London Centre. The Centre is beautiful. There is no other way to discribe it. Hyde park and Kensington Gardens are only a few minute walk away. Portobello Road, known for it's Saturday Markets and the film Notting Hill is also only a short walk away.
As of right now, I'm stilltrying to get over the shock of actually being in London. I don't even know where to begin. Last night I began to explore the gardens, 'began' being the key word. Today, we headed towards central London to the British Museum. I could spend days, possibly weeks there and still not see all the exhibits. Luckily, I have several weeks to explore.